Valokuvaus ja huippumuoti


Photography can be a nice hobby, but for some it is Either part-time or full-time work. Photographers Often Have A Certain river in the subject line, Which they like to describe and describe Which they specialize. There are press photographers, sports photographers, potrettikuvaajia and many others. Also, working with a number of photographers who work in fashion among the top brands and models of working.

These places are Sought after, but they would enter photographers Also included are expected to very much. And no wonder, Because, of course, top brands designers prefer That Their clothes will come out a Certain Way, and That advertising images are of the best possible quality.

High Fashion photographing history

Already in the early days of photographing HAS BEEN DESCRIBED as the rage. Fashion photography roots thus date back to as early as the time before 1900. One of the first published pictures were tall stands are pages shots Adolphe Braun’s book, Which was the book up to 288. Braun was published in 1856 and the early 1900s, a new type of printing technology, fashion photography Began to get lehtiinkin. First, they ended up in a French magazine La Mode Practique pages. And not long before today well-known publishing houses Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar published in fashion in the form of photographs.

Vintage toned image of an old film camera, lying on the wooden table.  Shot with faded cross processing technique.

The Second World War put muodille Certain constraints and, of course, as a result of the shooting. For a moment the fashion focus moved to the other side of the pond to America, the where the fashion images were added to the so-called well-americana seasoning, That is, inter alia, tickets and other Americans. Europe muotikuvaajatkin DESCRIBED Their wartime life, although the fashion point of view.

After all, fashion shooting, of course, to this day to the time recording, That is Also a fashion photographers cameras record time A Certain phenomena and topics, only the high fashion as seen through the glass.

The best top fashion photographers

On this day, everyone will be able to step into Their Own lives boots of the fashion curve, we do have a social media blogeineen and Their other platforms. Many wanna follow quite undiscovered clothing style and new designer shopping, spiced with excellent photographs, of course. Still is still actual photographers and fashion photographers, In particular, Which can be highlighted field peaks.

  • Sebastian Kim

This high fashion work has been to in the graph, among other things, the British Harper’s Bazaar , Numéro and Vogue Japan’s website. He has photographed campaigns Also no more and no less than Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang for Both John Galliano – just to mention a few names. His style is sexy, but tasteful Implemented.

  • Alice Hawkins

709px-elizabeth_alice_hawkins-whitshedHawkins has done with other top photographers like to work on the leaves, than the advertising campaigns of different brändeillekin. In particular, they Topman and Deisel has Prescribed campaigns Brought a lot of praise and praise. These and many other campaigns, in addition to his photographs have come to admire, for example, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Vogue, InStyle website. Although this high-fashion photographer’s camera commercial material has been Obtained, they Also knows how to fold a deeper side of the field.

  • Alessandro Dal Buoni

Dal Buonin photographs are Presented in a number of magazines pages. Among other things, Rolling Stone, GQ Japan, as well as L’Officiel Homme Germany and China have published this splendid fashion graph snapshots of Their pages. And of course, this too is an industry leader in managed to create a stunning huippumuotimerkeille campaigns, such as Dior Hommelle. Dal Buonin style is original, it combines Softness and ylväys in a unique way.